Areas of use and benefits

  • Temporary prostatic stent

    • Mimic the results of an active BPE treatment, TUMT or TURP.
    • Enables sphincter-controlled continence
    • Can detect bladder function.
  • Alternative to CAD in urinary retention

    • Reduces the risk of UTIs
    • Enables self-catheterisation
  • Modern alternative to CAD after TUMT, without the need for a urine bag

    • Reduces the risk of UTIs
    • Normal urinary function from day zero
    • Better quality of life
  • Alternative to CISC

    • For those who find CISC unpleasant or painful.

In the diagnosis of LUTS disorders in men, especially if invasive procedures such as TUMT or TURP are considered, pressure-flow examination is often carried out to conclude that it is an obstruction that is the cause of the symptoms. However, the examination has several limitations:

  1. In some cases, it does not give any conclusive results.
  2. All patients with chronic CAD or CISC belong to the group that cannot be evaluated with urodynamics.
  3. For patients who have certain neurological disorders at the same time, invasive procedure against BPE is usually discouraged.
  4. Urodynamic examinations are both time consuming and cost-driven and there are often long waiting times, which extends the time to cure for patients.

Easy to manage

  • The innovative design makes CoreFlow insertion easy. Before removing the rear section, CoreFlow can be used as a regular indwelling catheter.

  • Designed with a balloon at its proximal end for bladder anchor and a coil in the distal section to keep it from migrating.

  • Available in stent lengths of 30, 40 and 50 mm respectively. Silicone 20 Fr, approved for use for up to 29 days.

Minimizes patients’ discomfort, both physical and emotional, that an indwelling catheter usually causes.

Order information

ArticleArticle number
CoreFlow® Soft Stent, active length 30 mmBNC 819130
CoreFlow® Soft Stent, active length 40 mmBNC 819140
CoreFlow® Soft Stent, active length 50 mmBNC 819150

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