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CoreFlow® Soft Stent – First patient in the UK under treatment.

The first patient in the UK is now receiving treatment with ProstaLund’s CoreFlow® Soft Stent. In January, a distribution agreement was signed for the UK with iUrology for ProstaLund’s stand-alone products CoreFlow® Soft Stent and the Schelin Catheter®. In the discussions that ProstaLund had with English urologists before the agreement was in place, the interest […]

SLG Kalmar AB – first private healthcare provider to receive reimbursement when using CoreFlow® Soft Stent

SLG Kalmar AB receives, according to an agreement with Region Kalmar, as the first Swedish private urological clinic reimbursement for “stent treatment instead of catheter”. The reimbursement level covers the purchase cost of ProstaLund’s CoreFlow® Soft Stent. ProstaLund’s CoreFlow® Soft Stent is an innovative product designed to be used to temporarily resolve obstruction of the […]